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All introverts are nosy I think, and there’s nothing I love more than getting a peek into other people’s spaces! I love seeing how other fellow creatives work and live, and how they choose to craft an environment that fuels their imagination!

I thought today I’d give you a tour of my knitting space. I call it a “studio”, but really it’s just my dining room! My husband’s company went permanently remote after Covid, and since I was designing full time at that point, we decided to store our dining room furniture in the garage and convert that room into a combination home office/knitting studio. My husband has his corner and I have mine, and that only gets annoying when I want to watch Downton Abbey on my laptop, but he’s got a conference call.

I’m a firm believer that although a dedicated studio space/crafting room would be a dream, you can carve out a nook for yourself anywhere in your home! We typically eat at a little table in our kitchen, so our dining room wasn’t getting a whole lot of use anymore. Now we spend all day in here and I actually miss it on the weekends!

This is my little corner! I sit in that little dent in the couch, next to my best bud, Pamela Morgan Beesly (Beezers for short). I’ve got my knitting cart next to me with all my tools, plus current projects. On the credenza I’ve got my plant, an essential oil diffuser for good smells, new sock patterns in the works, a basket of mini skeins, my salt rock lamp, and a prized book.
My “spot” on my knitting couch 🙂 I recently purchased this sheepskin rug to drape on the back of the couch (because every knitting studio needs a sheepskin rug!). It’s so soft and cozy! I love squishing back into it while I knit!
This is my view when I’m knitting on the couch! That’s my living room in there, with the cow rug my daughter named Percy. My husband’s desk and work area is to the left, next to the plant stand with twisted branches for legs (which I found on of all places!)
The top of my yarn credenza is where I keep all new sock patterns I’m working on. Once a pattern is released, I fold them up and store them in a basket. I’ve decided to start a new basket each year!
This is my basket with all of last year’s patterns sitting on my bookshelf next to my knitting library!
I love cozy, warm lighting, and I love books, so I keep a Himalayan salt rock lamp on my yarn credenza, as well as my favorite book. This is a first edition of Harriet the Spy! My husband surprised me with it for Christmas and it’s my favorite gift ever. I read that book a million times as a kid, so it has huge sentimental value to me.
In addition to warm, cozy lighting, I love good smells! I’ve been diffusing essential oils for about a year now, and I love it. From simple clean scents like lemon and orange, to blends that have ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, and rose, I love how you can create a comforting mood and relaxing atmosphere with them! I buy all different brands, from Young Living, to Now, to Revive. Diffusers also add a lovely, cozy light to your space!
Inside the credenza is allllll the sock yarn! It’s just about to burst, so this year I’m slowing down on my yarn buying. I have a lovely stash from dyers all over the world that I can’t wait to use in new designs this year!
The smaller side of the credenza is where I store oils, plus sock blockers and games.
My husband created the built-in bookshelves in here once we cleared out the dining stuff. Reading is such a huge part of my life, so we wanted to build all the books a special home! I also have a framed sock on my shelf (it was a mistake sock that I did NOT feel like trying to unravel, so I framed it in a shadowbox instead!).
Beezers spends most of the day next to me on the couch. I keep a blanket up here for her because she’s like a mop that just collects dirt every time she goes outside! We adopted Beez from a rescue organization a few years ago and she’s truly my doggy soul mate. She’s some kind of shih tzu/terrier mutt with the most glorious strawberry blonde coat.
The cart! I couldn’t live without this cart! I think I got it at Michael’s on sale. On the top shelf I keep pens, my notebook/planner, Snicker’s (my favorite), a jar for scrap yarn, my most-used tools, my current project, and of course my disco ball for magical light shows in the afternoon! The next two shelves are for secondary projects. I typically have a main design that I’m working on, and then a few other designs that I take a break with. Once I finish the main design, one of the secondary designs moves up and takes the top spot! I like to work on a few different things at once!
My ottoman and my space heater – two things I totally couldn’t live without! I’m almost always cold, and the ottoman serves as a table to spread out all my stuff!

So that’s my space! I love spending my days here, dreaming up new designs, planning photo shoots, knitting socks, and learning new skills 🙂


  1. Love your knitting studio – I can so imagine you working in this perfect space! You have made it work for you and your family so well! Your knitting companion is a real cutie!
    I have another book to add to your beautiful new bookshelves – it is If We We’re Villains by M.L Rio – really good mix of Crime, Emotion, Arts and crazy but yes also Shakespeare!! I am sure you will love it if you haven’t already read it!😊

  2. How fun to tour your space!! Your home is beautiful and so cozy!! Love the bookshelves too!! I wondered how you stored your yarn! You have great light in your space too! The disco ball made me laugh!!😂

  3. Thank you for the tour and sharing your cozy space plus Beezers is the “ piece de resistaance.” I am so excited to have found you – I’m a “sometime, someday I’ll arrive as a knitter, ‘ am stuck on casting on the first row of a second sock so I think I’ve found my way … I shall return.

  4. Yes thanks for sharing your beautiful home and space…the color is so inspiring….just like your socks. Speaking of books, I would spend a lot of $$$$ just to have one showing your designs in color…truly.

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